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1. Personnel Tracking (10/10/2010 73Mb)
This movie demonstrates tracking a person with our low-cost tracking system at the OU-Incubator. 4 Beacons are setup outside, while the system tracks a person walking through the building.

2. Golf cart tracking (10/10/2010 43Mb)
Tracking a golf cart across an area of the local golf course. Four beacons were setup. The position tracking is based on RF input only.

3. Packbot tracking outdoor (4/7/2008   7Mb)
This movie shows a Packbot (
iRobot) following a path to sweep an area in a parking lot. The navigation system uses wheel speed and gyro information, and UWB positioning. The blue line on the ground is only for visual reference, and corresponds to the internal trajectory that the robot is following. There are no sensors tracking the blue line.

4. Robomower Indoor/Outdoor (6/27/08  3Mb)
This movie is a screen capture of GeoPathMaker® during an indoor/outdoor path-following exercise.

5. Field Test (9/28/07  12Mb) (Flash Video)
Experiment of tracking cars in a field of approximately 500’ x 500’.
This experiment was in preparation of a NAVY demo to track vehicles on a carrier deck.

6. Personnel Tracking at the SmartZone (8/20/08  7Mb)
Initial experiment of tracking a target through a building using 5 reference beacons. No inertial sensors are used for tracking during this experiment, only UWB ranging.

7. Personnel Tracking at Troy Offices (8/28/08  13Mb)
5 Beacons and 1 target in office area of approx. 150' x 50'

8. Personnel Tracking at the Troy Office (8/25/08  1Mb) 
similar test with additional info (8/25/08  5Mb)
Experiment with 5 beacons and 1 target moving through office building. All walls on the map are double dry-wall, and open areas have cubicles and furniture storage.

9. System configuration (1Mb) for Beacon setup with Beacons outside in scenario where some beacons can only communicate to one other beacon.

10. Indoor Personnel tracking (8.7Mb) with Beacons setup outside the building. Aerial photo as backdrop.

11. Another movie on Indoor Personnel Tracking (13.2Mb)

12. Tracking movie for first responder at the CREST first responder training facility (4.2Mb)

13. Omni-directional Airtrax vehicle "Turtle" performing a vehicle inspection task (7/11/08  10.5Mb)
Turtle performs waypoint following from outdoor to indoor using UWB. Then uses LIDAR sensor to perform an orbiting maneuver for vehicle inspection. It finally follows the same trajectory back outside using UWB.

14. Omni-directional Airtrax vehicle “Sidewinder” performing an autonomous vehicle inspection task. (2/1/07  150Mb)

15. Omni-directional Airtrax vehicle "Turtle" performing a waypoint following maneuver while constantly orientating at a fixed location.

16. VRML Animation of the Omni-directional vehicle's mobility.

17. VRML Animation of automotive vehicle dynamics.

18. Technology overview. Highlights autonomous robotics, GeoPathMaker® and Personnel Tracking. The end of this video shows a clip of the Nemesis program.

19. Animation scenarios for perimeter security:  (for the VRML animation, make sure to select the appropriate viewpoint!)

· Fence patrol (MPEG 8.8Mb) (VRML)

· Barking dog - false alarm (MPEG 10.3Mb) (VRML)

· Fence breach - alarm (MPEG 7.4Mb) (VRML)

17. Artificial laser Horizon (10Mb), developed under contract with Michigan SATS.







Note: Windows Media Player requires the XVID codec to play some of these movies.
The browser will require a
VRML viewer plugin like Cortona (recommended), CosmoPlayer, Octaga or Blaxxun to open the animation links.