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· iTrack’s LPTS will enable a user to precisely track multiple personnel in real time in both GPS and GPS denied environments.

· From a safe and remote location, users of our system can autonomously control robotic vehicles to perform many types of dangerous or mundane tasks in both GPS and GPS denied environments.

· Ad-hoc setup requires minimal time for initial installation, and has flexibility in reconfiguring or moving reference beacons.

· The additional cost to affix ITRACK’s LPTS to an existing robotic vehicle is relatively small. Most of the hardware required for our LPTS to autonomously control any drive by wire vehicle is already on board a vehicle.

· When equipped with a LPTS, robotic vehicles will not require the constant attention of the user to execute tasks. This allows the user to perform other activities or be able to concentrate on other potential dangers in the immediate area.

JADI’s Autonomous Vehicle Controller provides autonomous control to drive-by-wire vehicle platforms. The system provides for positioning through the LPTS and takes additional sensor inputs from the vehicle and inertial sensors into account to navigate the vehicle.

Multiple standard communication interfaces are available to integrate an AVC on an existing platform.

Tracking information can be provided in either GPS coordinates or local GPS-independent coordinates.

Typical applications of the AVC are defined by trajectories and optional object avoidance or collision avoidance schemes.

The user interaction with the system takes place through iTrack’s GeoPathMaker®  software.

iTrack’s Local Positioning System

A Packbot controlled by the AVC with LPTS.