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Robotic Navigation Control Module.

iTrack LLC is a Michigan company focused on the design, development and commercialization of first responder/soldier tracking technology and autonomous navigation systems that both operate in environments where GPS is not available.

The Department of Defense and the State of Michigan have funded the design, development and testing of our navigation and tracking technology to date. Our patented Local Positioning and Tracking System (LPTS) enables the user to rapidly construct an ad-hoc network capable of concurrently providing positioning information for autonomous robotic vehicles as well as personnel tracking in both GPS and GPS denied environments. This ad-hoc network is scalable to almost any size, capable of penetrating foliage and various building materials and able to provide positioning information for unattended ground sensors, autonomous robotic vehicles and war fighters.

Our Mission

ITrack’s expertise is the exploration, design and development of diverse technologies associated with unmanned robotic systems and personnel tracking. We have created strategic relationships with commercial companies, universities and government agencies to enhance the commercialization of our patented technologies. Our navigation and tracking technology has numerous military & commercial applications.



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Patents & Patent Applications

A list of our intellectual property can be found here.

iTrack LLC

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