FAQ answers to random questions

Q: How can I get more information about the capabilities and applications of the tracking technology ?

A: Contact Jerry Atkinson (Jerry.Atkinson@itrack-llc.com), or find more information on our contact page.

Q: Is the old iTrack website still accessible ?

A: Yes, the old iTrack website is available through this link.

Q: I am going to launch a weather balloon. Can I use your system to track and monitor?

A: Our technology does not provide for tracking over long distances. Potential solutions can be found here.

Q: I would like to track my dog. Would your system be suitable?

A: We are in the process of miniaturizing our personnel tracking system. For now, you can find a solution for tracking pets here.

Q: We have a fleet of trucks that we would like to track. What solution can you provide?

A: We do not provide long range fleet tracking systems. Fleet tracking solutions can be found here, here or here.